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Fullmetal Alchemist Military / Characters - TV Tropes

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass : So, who expected the comically Overprotective Dad and Plucky Comic Relief character to take on Lust and Envy with paper cutters?Writing-wise: I prefer to write, usually, third person omniscient.

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front, and believes in setting an example for the men to follow. Sacrificial Lion : An important and likeable character who seems to have a major role to play in events, and then is killed by the bad guys to show the audience that they mean business. Top Priority Fics: (in whatever order). Ishval did a number on her, though, and while they softened up a bit after, they still remained noticeably sharp. And, at the close, despite knowing full well what and who the much-reduced Pride has always been, she's going to raise him to be the Selim he pretended to be, both to give him a second chance and as an ironic punishment/shot at redemption. She, Scar, and Ed all talk Roy down from his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Envy. Awesome Mc Coolname : With a name like Riza Hawkeye, how can you not be in the military? Being reassigned to Briggs toughens him. Update schedule (New: 7/21/17 note 9/9/13: I will TRY to keep to this schedule, however sometimes I don't make deadlines. The Ace : A comedic example. When she tells the story of how she slapped Bradley for being rude when they first met, the other characterswho all know his true identityare left speechless rather than amused.

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Iapos, the story shows that sheapos, fatal Family Photo. He decides to use his remaining martyn fox gay porn blood to make a suicidal attack on Bradley. Ll fuck you over and put you on blast.

And Zoidberg : Two shits couldn't be spared regarding anything about Mustang.Big Sister Worship : Just about anytime he's with Olivier, he shows all of his devotion towards his older sister.

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A former State Alchemist who participated in the Ishval Massacre, McDougal went awol after the war and, years later, resurfaced as a madman trying to destroy Central City.