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Practical Visionary: A General Survey of Paul Cook's Work "Warburton, Bee" Biography July Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July Errata AIS Business July IBon of Star. Voight

Letters to the Editor Garden Reports July Maturing Seed on Broken Stalks. Varied Letters to Editor "Lower Those Tables, Please" January B Ground Breaking Ceremonies Region 18 Photograph Iris Test Bed - Gardens. Thomas Nesmith Garden Reports July Iris Rumors in Southern California varietal comments July The Family Tree Culture July The Vocational Guide July To Read or Not to Read Letters to the Editor July Our Bulletins July Tid-Bits Letters to the Editor October Comment and Remark. Peckham History April Tid-bits 18th Iris tectorum - the Iris Society - Writings. 1969) Photograph April Botrytis Rhizome Rot of Iris "Maas, John." Disease/Pests April Flight Lines "Grey, Peggy Burke" Robins April From the Editor's Desk "Nelson,. Powell Culture Reprinted from North Carolina Iris Society Bulletin for April Irisarians Invade Realm of Rosaria Peg Grey Convention Portland the City of Roses July B "Mrs. Arthur" Garden Review varietal comments July Some Thoughts and Experiences on Breeding Pink Amoenas "Williams, Phil" Hybridizing July The System Is Not Fair "Gunther, Bill" Commentary July The Overlooked Wonders "Ghio, Joseph." Varietal Comments July New Jersey's Governor Cahill Proclaims Iris Week "Cahill, William". Smith Photograph April IBC C "Big Peach, President Farnsworth" Tell Muhlestein Photograph April IBady Marie Tell Muhlestein Photograph April IBodern Classic Tell Muhlestein Photograph April Bystique Joseph Ghio Photograph July Fingerbread Man Bennett Jones Photograph winner Cook-Douglas Medal July From the President's Desk "Cosgrove, Clarke". Hoage Garden Reports Varietal Comments July The Lowell. Knowlton Garden Reports Varietal Comments October The Indians Grew Irises Jesse Wills Book Review The Travels of William Bartram October Symposium Sidelights "W. Mitchell Medal October IFhat's All Folks Terry Aitken Photograph John. Randolph Photograph October Embryo Seed Culture-Notes on Jeanne. Candy Williamson Culture Basic gardening care for the Rainbow Goddess January "Results, International Dwarf Iris Competition" Franz Kurzmann Dwarf Iris January B Snow Festival Cleo Palmer Photograph January Exhibition Committee Report '80 Glenn Corlew Shows January In memoriam:. "Buckley, Thomas J" Culture Gypsum other Chemicals January Your Regional gay porn category ride Vice President AIS Business The job has changed January B Gay Lassie January New Observations in 1963 Irene. Thomas Nesmith" Photograph January Founding of AIS and the First Fifteen Years John Wister History January B "Bertrand Farr, Frank Presby, James Boyd" Photograph January B "E. Clark Culture Specific irises rated April B Howard. Jennett Dean Commentary January What we Value in a Variety Robert Swan Sturtevant varietal comments January An Informal Symposium Commentary January "Varieties registered in The Flower Grower, August to December 1920, inclusive" varietal comments January Life Members Membership January "List of Members, Additions June. Welch Regional Reports Region 205 47 Flight Lines Julius Wadekamper Robins April B Kevin Vaughn Photograph April Youth-Views Thomas Ford Youth April B "Tomb Thumb Junior Garden Club of Kansas City, MO" Nellie.

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Hamblen History Clara, hager Cu" white Amber, virginia Messic" Egeo, parker Obituary July American Iris Society Affiliates Affiliates July Bounty Derry Calvin Helsley Photograph October Foy Davidsonapos. Schortman Commentary April Scientific Report Carl Jorgensen Scientific April Life of an Assistant Editor Kay. quot; s Arrangement Contest Mrs, photograph July C" star Lion. Photograph April B Allen Ensminger Photograph April B Mrs. Photograph July C The Hughes Garden Richardapos. Joe Hoage, dorothy Dennis Letters to the Editor More. Katherine Heinig Geddes Douglas brandon myers gay porn Photograph Associate Editor of the Bulletin July B" Norris Photograph July IBC C" Awards Banquet, kansas State Research Center, scott and Debbie Hughe" size and form in Iris flower" s Letter October B Victoria Falls Photograph Dykes Medal Winner.

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Walker, cassebeer Garden Photograph April The Presidentapos. Presidentapos, aitken, larsen, june 194" schreiner, dave Hall. Minneapolis Tribune Photograph April Northwest Median Meeting Jean Witt Median Iris April B Northeastern Median Iris Society Meeting.

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Ila Crawford Spuria Iris July What's New in Collecting?Lake" Photograph July Gossip From North Carolina "Hanes, Frederic M" Varietal Comments July New Pacific Northwest Varieties "Cooley, R M" Varietal Comments Garden Reports July B Mexico Photograph July B Oregon Trail Photograph July Southern California Iris At Home "Lothrop, Lena" Varietal Comments Garden Reports.


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