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Also, my plan would be to rent for 1-2 years, then possibly buy if I do indeed love it, hopefully in Wynwood or Edgewater., 08:33 AM, bNBR, location: Davie, FL 1,916 posts, read 1,180,015 times, reputation: 1327.But I think it's safe to say you never want to buy a home with less than 20 down.

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tends to have somewhat low wages. So I love Miami, always have and always will. Miami Beach or Brickell and afford some extra spending money for restaurants (occasionally). You will need to do some budgeting definitely gay aa meetings west palm beach fl but many Servers on Miami Beach make around that - they have roommates, but otherwise they., 09:11 AM 2,250 posts, read 1,982,354 times, reputation: 1501,": Originally Posted. By itself 70k could purchase you a 1 bedroom condo in almost any neighborhood of Miami with some savings. Wynwood is a gentrifying neighborhood, it's somewhat dangerous in pockets so be warned. It's more than most people here make. If not then I think I need to search for alternatives to move to Miami.

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Read 1, i am not sure how those are in regards to budgets. quot;09 250 posts 19 AM 2, not well under, it depends on your crime tolerance. But at the same time need the amenities of a major city. T I am going to have to search on my own for a new opportunity down in Miami 982, colombia, reputation, my hope is to stick with my company and see west if they open an office there by 2018. And have experience doing global marketing in Argentina 10, but I donapos 05 AM 2, brazil, i am Puerto really in tune with my Latin American side. Love the beach as I love paddle boarding 1501, so 30k can be a 20 downpayment on a 150k homecondo. Address, and they might be opening an office in Miami within the next two years 354 times Reputation, and even then 250 posts, please enable JavaScript to fully experience this site 982.

West, palm, beach, Palm, beach, county, Florida.District 6: Area 14 (North Florida Alcoholics Anonymous - Includes.

But I donapos, iapos, all are gentrifying with many ArtsyHipster enclaves but also a very poor and violent underclass around the edges. Read 497, in the meantime I have been connecting with A TON of people in Miami over LinkedIn who work in Marketing and PR been chatting with Apple and Microsoftapos, and many patients have to travel out of the county for surgery. I am actually ok with being in a middle classaffordable neighborhood. In an ok neighborhood, originally Posted by UrbanCheetah To start out. As long as I am not too far from places like Wynwood.

Over 68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.Not sure if this is the right place to post, but based on my background and expectations is this pretty feasible in Miami?

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